Technology changes fast and it's not going to slow down

Technology touches all aspects of our lives -- from robotics, to artificial intelligence (AI), to virtual reality, and the Internet of Things. The BAS in OL+RC prepares students for this changing world by teaching adaptability, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in conjunction with strong leadership and business knowledge.

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Today's employers expect their staff to be tech savvy, but they also want 'human skills.' According to Forbes Magazine, people who possess creativity, emotional intelligence (EQ), critical thinking, adaptability, written and verbal communication skills, and leadership skills are at the top of employer 'wish lists.' (Marr, 2019) The BAS in OL+RC prepares students with exactly these skills.

Whether your goal is to start your own business, to lead at the corporate level, to create change through a non-profit, or further your career in the military, the BAS OL+RC program will help you get there.


A boundless Future  

'Real-World Ready' means you'll graduate ready to do a job because you've already done it in your classes. You'll be ready to jump into virtually any industry and succeed. 

Business leadership and managerial job openings are projected to grow between 8 to 11 percent by 2026 (Bureau of Labor Statistics). And, your degree from the University of Arizona will also give you great financial prospects!


One of the most versatile job markets.

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